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Lee Gilyeo Cancer and Diabetes Institute (LCDI) or Gacheon Medical School and Korean Bioinformation Center(KOBIC) of KRIBB jointly sequenced a full length Korean genome. This project was carried out by sharing tasks between the two teams. LCDI performed the sequencing experiment and KOBIC did the analysis of the genome. This is a model project in Korea showing the synergy of different research areas. This Korean genome (KJS) is the 4th personal genome announced after Craig Venter, James Watson, and a Chinese (YH) genomes. The genome belongs to Dr. Kim Seong-jin, the director of LCDI. The two teams will keep working on his genome to produce a high quality Asian reference genome that can be used as the basis for personalize medicine. The whole project, the Korean genome project, was also a part of National Reference Standards Center project for genomes.

The final outcome is the product of three organizations. LCDI, KOBIC, and NSRDI.

한국인 유전체 인류학적 위치 Korean Genome's Phylogenetic Mapping

Present humans are known to be originated from Africa 150,000 years ago. Using the whole genome information we located the phylogenetic branch of the Korean.

한국인 유전체 분석개요 (The outline of Korean Genome analysis)

By comparing the 2003 Caucasian genome stored in NCBI, we found that KSJ genome covers 98.35% of the NCBI's.

단염기다형성(Single Nucleotide Polymorphism: SNP)

It is known that 99.99% of the DNA bases among people are the same. Remaining 0.1%, around 3 million bases, determine the genetic and phenotypic differences among people such as eye color, skin color, and susceptability to diseases. Among the variations found in a population, 90% of them are caused by one single base change. This is called SNP. Scientists think that it is possible to develop personalized medicine by researching on SNPs.

인간유전학(Human Genetics)

Genetics studies the inheritance of genetic traits and variations. Trait means the features such as eye color. Eye color is a phenotype while the genetic elements under it is the genetype. Variation is the genetic diversty of such genoetypes. Genetic variation can cause the phenotype change.


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알려진 개인 유전체

Already publicized personal genomes.


한국인 유전체 분석개요: The outline of Korean Genome analysis

개인유전체 해독과정: The personal genome analysis procedure

유전체 민족구분: Population diversity

유전체 다운로드: Download Korean Genome

유전적 다형성 지도: Genetic diversity map

유전체 지도: Genome Map

개인 유전체 역사: Personal Genomics History

개인 유전체 싸이트: Personal Genome Sites

알려진 개인 유전체: Public Personal Genomes







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